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ARRIVAL is the debut album by Kae West containing eleven stunning tracks. The album spans 25 years of songwriting. Its genre is rock, blending elements of alternative rock, progressive, and even metal rock. If you enjoy these genres and artists like Pink Floyd, Heart, Kate Bush, as well as ABBA, Morrissey, Linkin Park, Picture, Metallica, The Pretenders, Within Temptation, Nightwish, etc. then it is definitely recommend giving it a listen.

ARRIVAL was brought to life with contributions from, among others, Laurens ‘Bakkie’ Bakker (drummer of the metal band Picture), the GOOV Musical Theater Choir from Groningen, and Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Laurens is lead singer’s former neighbor, and she used to hear him drumming. She loved ABBA, and he loved metal. Today, they’re joining forces in Kae West together after an almost serious feud between their parents 45 years ago due to poorly insulated walls in the apartment building.

The songs on ARRIVAL stand out for several reasons, beginning with the unique English pronunciation of Dutch lead singer Korine. Her voice, characterized by beautiful harmonies, blends seamlessly with the powerful wall of sound created by metal drummer Laurens Bakker and metal guitarist Jon Merrelaar. The lyrics add another layer of depth, oscillating between irony and wit, often with a touch of political commentary.

What truly sets these songs apart is the timelessness of their lyrics, tackling universal subjects such as bullying, bigotry, and injustice. The poignant lines like “What’s in Vogue do I care what way the wind blows” challenge societal norms and trends, urging listeners to think independently. The songs capture these themes with phenomenal time-capsule quality, preserving the essence of these issues for future generations.

The inclusion of children’s voices adds an innocent yet powerful contrast to the heavy themes, while Kay Varekamp’s guitar solos echo the legendary style of David Gilmour, adding a hauntingly beautiful dimension to the music. The evocative imagery of “cold feet, no trespassing” further enriches the narrative, symbolizing boundaries and the afterlife in a witty, less heavyhearted manner.

Moreover, the multi-vocal contributions on ARRIVAL from the GOOV Musical Theater Choir of Groningen infuse the tracks with an ethereal quality, their symphonic layers elevating the songs to new heights. Each element, from the lead vocals to the intricate instrumentation and choir, combines to create a unique and unforgettable musical journey.

Adding to the richness of the music, the multi-vocal choir from the GOOV Musical Theater Choir of Groningen contributes an ethereal quality. Their symphonic layers elevate the songs, making the entire listening experience truly mesmerizing. Each element, from the lead vocals to the intricate instrumentation and choir, combines to create a unique and unforgettable musical journey.

Examples of the wall of sound can be found in tracks like “Bigotry,” lead single “Alert The Media,” as well as “Here I Am” and “Heavenly Light.” Progressive rock song “Phenomenon” (as commented on TikTok: “If someone told me Gilmour (David Gilmour/ Pink Floyd) dropped this on a solo album I wouldn’t think twice about it”) was written over 25 years ago, a timeless song of 7 minutes. Symphonic elements are evident in ARRIVAL ’s “The Sparkle,” addressing loss and deception, and “No Trespassing,” a song about eternal darkness. But there are also a few cheerful, albeit never without some cynicism: “Strictly Necessary.” Could that be a subtle ABBA influence I hear?

Live, Kae West promise a lot for the near future. A co-production that resembles a rock opera, but only in the way that Kae West could do it. So, expect something different and very special in the first quarter of 2025.


Formed in 2022, Kae West, an exciting rock band hailing from the Netherlands, brings together a vibrant mix of alternative prog and symphonic rock. The band, spearheaded by Korine Varekamp as the frontwoman, joined forces with accomplished drummer Laurens Bakker, notable for his contribution to the pioneering Dutch heavy metal band, Picture. The lineup is further solidified by guitarist Tim Çiçek and bassist Vince Ten Have, resulting in a cohesive ensemble that embodies a unique musical identity.

Currently, the band is gearing up for a series of shows featuring collaborations with various choirs in the Netherlands in support of the debut album ARRIVAL. Their powerful wall of sound, infused with harmonious vocals, promises to deliver a sensational experience that will resonate with rock enthusiasts of all generations and serves as the perfect teaser to create the necessary anticipation for the debut.

ARRIVAL is mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden which has an illustrious clientele, including renowned acts such as Opeth, Sepultura, Kreator, Arch Enemy, and many more. The first official release, Alert The Media (June 2023), produced by Red Pack Productions in The Netherlands, is a groundbreaking lead single showcasing intermittent posh English accents in the vocals, featuring contributions from the Dutch GOOV music theatre choir. These collaborations add extra layers of credibility and excitement to the release, setting the stage for a promising musical journey.

Kae West draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, including Evanescence, Heart, Nightwish and Kate Bush to name just a few. If you’re a fan of these artists, there’s a good chance that Kae West’s music will also resonate with you.